To The Stage

Live Music Photography

Show you in your element on stage, full coverage of your live set, full show or festival. Great photos to keep your social media/websites updated, use for promotional materials and more.


Take It Easy

Studio Shoot

Great option for a first time shoot, media kit updates or specific ideas. You spend 2 hours in the studio environment, have the option of different backgrounds and light set ups, bring a couple changes of cloths to get more out of it :)



Conceptual Studio

Anything from bathing in a blow up kiddy pool full of Fruit Loops to wearing a three piece suit in a post-apocalyptic setting. When you have a big idea, something very specific or with a story, this is the package for you.


Wherever I May Roam

Location Shoot

Get out of the studio and head to a location of your choosing that adds more to your images. Whether it's a beach down the panisula, a random ally way full of graffiti or a forest full of trees.

211A2587-Edit 2.jpg

Seize The Day

Full Day Media Kit Shoot

Studio shots: Check, Multiple Location shots: check!
Everything you'll need for a media kit wrapped into one day. We start the day in studio getting those all important group shots on simple backgrounds, then head out to multiple locations to finish off with a large variety of shots for any need.


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