Dani J

Rates: $40ph*
TFP - Negotiable
Job: Freelance Makeup Artist, Casual Waitress

Acting?: Yes
Acting Experience Level: New

Height: 5' 5"
Hair Colour: Black
Hair Length: Long (Chest Length)
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Ethnicity: Chilean/Irish
Body Type: Fit
Dress Size: 6/8
Top Size: 6
Pant Size:  8
Shoe Size: 9
Interested in: Commercial, Print, Branding, Clothing, Implied Nude, Boudoir, Lingerie, Alternative, Pin Up, Open To Ideas
NOT Interested in: Full Nudity
Visible Tattoos: Left Arm and Hand (Full Sleeve), Right Arm (Half Sleeve), Both legs (Sporadic), Back, Left Cheek (Small Heart)
Visible Piercings: Nose Ring, Septum, Monroe (Top Lip), 20mm Earlobes
Notable Jobs
Viviene of Holloway for Hotrod Events // Promotional Model

Renegade ArmadaLook at all the f#@ks I Give (Music Video) // Walk On Actor & Makeup Artist

Twitch TV - AtleeQuin // Streamer

Peter Coulson (Photographer) // Makeup Artist, Model

Tom McEvoy (Photographer) // Model (Promotional Material & Canvas Prints)

House of Darlington // Model

Beserk Clothing // Model

Instagram: @danifrankenstein (personal)
Instagram: @atleequin (Twitch Stream)
Twitter: @atleequin

Featured Photos Credited to: Peter Coulson, Tom McEvoy, Attitude Chick, Josh Wayn, Marcus Chaanin