I saw somewhere recently on the interwebs that someone had made a list of their favorite photographers and why they looked up to them. I think this is awesome, to show the people who make you the photographer, artist, musician etc that you are and giving them recognition for inspiring your work. So, I figured I'd do the same. In no particular order, these are some of my fav photographers.

Jared Polin (Fro Knows Photo)
I first found his work looking into low light photography, seen as I shoot bands frequently, I wanted to learn how to shoot better quality photos when light is limited. When I first started shooting, I shot with a VERY high ISO (because I didn't know what it was I just knew I could take photos with a fast shutter speed). Once I'd learnt the value of a low ISO, I never wanted to go higher... however, after finding Fro Knows Photo on Youtube I was taught not to be sacred of the higher ISO. His photos focus more on telling the story of what is being shot, whether he's taking photos of a hockey game, a live band or personal projects. One of his most touching (and heart breaking) photo stories is the one revolved around his mother's last few weeks dealing with the illness that would end up claiming her life. I've learnt a lot from him and his team about the technical side of a camera as well as what makes a good shoot. I SHOOT RAW!
Fav Shot(s): His Mom's story

Ross Halfin
the first photographer I ever looked up to. Ross is a well known and respected photographer in the music world, touring with such bands as Metallica, Guns N Roses, Van Halen and much more. My love of music came before my love of photography, and looking at live shots of Van Halen, I found a shot that now hangs on my wall. I wanted to know more about who took it and hence found Ross' work. He's best works (in my opinion) are those coming from a time before digital, I know how hard it can be to get a great shot using digital so to see his work on film is a real inspiration.
Fav shot: Eddie Van Halen Guitar solo at The Rainbow Theatre

Adam Elmakias
Essentially a young Ross Halfin and arguable the most famous music photographer today. His main "job" is to travel the world with bands such as A Day To Remember, Peirce The Veil, All Time Low and many more taking live and candid shots. I've been a keen admirer of his work since stumbling across his work with A Day To Remember's promo photos in 2011ish. I've since learned a lot from his behind the scenes videos, on the road videos and his DVD and was even lucky enough to meet him briefly at an A Day To Remember show in Melbourne.
Fav Shot: A Day To Remember Side of the road

Aaron Nace
the guy who's always happy and teaching me something. I found his work when looking up tutorials on Youtube and stumbled across Phlearn. Aaron's work is very much on the conceptual side, some with a great deal of post editing work. While I do enjoy watching his pro tutorials about the editing side, I learned my most valuable lessons from his earlier studio lighting tutorials on Youtube. This was an area where I had zero experience when I decided to buy my first lighting gear and his videos helped me through.
Fav Shot: Self Portrait with the panda

this one is a little different because KTB is someone I actually know. I was shooting my friend's band at a gig where they were they and 2 other bands were supporting the band Circles. I'd gotten in contact with the other bands to see if I could shoot them and ended up shooting the entire show. While I was their, I noticed that one of the bands had a girl hanging out with them holding a camera and I hoped I was not about to get in her way. After the gig, she approached me and asked to see the shots, which she seemed to like. We became facebook friends (as you do) and I started checking out her work... amazing to say the least, from her band promos to her creative portraiture and everything else in between. As well as being an awesome photographer, she's a thoughtful person, working with her campaign "Zebralution" using her art to bring awareness to cruelty-free cosmetics. Highly recommend checking out!
Fav shot: Zebralution Allure Shoot

Grayson Lauffenburger
the funny guy who takes sick shots and has the hardest name to spell on this list. I found his work through Adam Elmakias when Grayson took a portrait of him. Beside the fact that he was taking shots of one of my favorite photographers, I thought the shot was amazing and the funny thing was, it was so simple. I wanted to know how he made these photos looks so... crisp and interesting... so I annoyed him via email. This is not the first time I've sent an email to someone asking them how they do what they do... but this is the first time someone has responded. He was more than helpful and I have a great deal of gratitude towards him. While he has taken photos of some great music acts including A Day To Remember and Piece The Veil, his "People" shots are amazing and in a style all his own.
Fav Shot(s): People & Kevin Skaff

Karl Taylor
The master of pretty much every style of photography and the guy with the gear I'd most likely steal if I had the chance. I found Karl while looking into new studio lights and while I didn't end up getting the gear, I did start learning from his videos. Karl's online tutorials are awesome! I began watching his online lessons before I looked into his work, both of which are amazing. Karl's photography spans from product to fashion, from conceptual to commercial. His wealth of knowledge with both the technical and practical side of photography is staggering and his shots are brilliant because of it. His lessons are some that I still re-watch today for shoots... even if his gear does make me jealous.
Fav shot(s): The Hawk & The Parrot and it's Owner

So there's some of my favorite photographers, go check them out!

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